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Brief History of Backgammon Download Software

The first backgammon download software in history was FIBS. The First Internet Backgammon Server was launched in July 19, 1992 by Andreas "Marvin" Schneider, but only in 1994, FIBS players, also known as Fibsters, could have download a graphic interface, whether they played online backgammon on a Windows supported PC or on their Mac. 

Despite FIBS immediate success, the online backgammon download software faced its first competition in 1997. More than a decade later, the number of downloaded backgammon software as well as no-download backgammon games has grown rapidly, a growth boosted from the end of 2006 with the US online gambling ban. 

Being a skill game rather than a pure game of chance, outside the internet mostly played in backgammon clubs instead of in smoky casinos, internet backgammon had escaped the claws of the online gambling law. Nevertheless, downloading backgammon software and playing the game online for money is still prohibited in several US states including Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Montana and Vermont. Elsewhere, it is usually legal to download backgammon software, install it into one's computer and play backgammon games and tournaments online.